This picture was taken in December of 2009. At that time, I was nothing more than a basement DJ. Although over the years I had owned several full DJ set ups along with tons of vinyl, something was different.

The difference was the fact that I no longer looked at Deejaying as a hobby instead I looked at it as a craft  & profession for those who decided to take it seriously. It was with this piece of equipment that I dedicated myself to practicing a minimum of 20 hours a week. That practice included learning some basic music theory, practicing blends, drops, basic scratches and so much more. I studied different types of DJs, their preferred equipment, styles and everything else. I basically broke this thing we call DJing down to the smallest elements so that I could have a good understanding of my craft and how to build myself into being a competent DJ.

This picture was taken in my dining room on the day that I sold my Vestax VCI-300. I have upgraded my skill level & equipment a lot since then & I still continue to do so. When this picture was taken, I had done zero gigs, I'm humbled to say that in 2013 I'm on track to booking 50 plus. The bottom line is, you have to believe in your vision while investing your time & resources into yourself. Even when you don't see anything, keep looking because it's really there. - Jones

Circa 2009